Technology at young age 

Technological advancements are transforming our lives and is pervasive in all sectors of Industry. It has become pertinent that kids need to be given opportunities and are exposed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) related activities from an early age. They need to be equipped for contributing to the future of technological Innovations.

@TechPlayLearn, We provide a stimulating environment, resources and curriculum for the kids to have hands-on experiential learning. It acts as a catalyst for seeding the passion for STEM skills in kids.​

The curriculum is designed such that kids are involved in the continuous cycle of

Question  Learn  Build  Code


Learn while you play

Our curriculum imparts discovery based learning. It promotes logical, analytical skills, computational thinking and problem solving in kids.

Kids actively participate to complete their projects with like-minded peer group. It builds their confidence, inter-personal skills, team work and collaboration.They will be able to relate what they learn to real world applications.

Play while you learn

All the sessions planned in the curriculum are goal based with lots of fun involved. It improves their ability to focus and motivates them to complete tasks.

During each session kids get to explore, experiment and play with the project they build.


It is a fun learning as they see the results of their project by the end of the session. They can correlate the changes done to their projects  and to its outcome. These kinds of activities lead to practical knowledge, intuition and kindles creativity.

Copy of lego wedo 1_edited.jpg

Kids will be building and programming Robotic models using Lego WeDo Kit

lego ev31.jpg

Kids will be building and programming Robotic models using Lego EV3 Mindstorm kit.


Kids will be learning electronics, programimng to build Robotic models, using the Arduino kit