We impart skills and knowledge needed for kids to build technology projects they are passionate about. We believe Robotics and Programming are fundamental skills needed to succeed in the future technology space. Building these skills early will give them a good head start. 

Coding is a way of thinking. Breaking the complex mission into simple steps. This is an effective way to approach any complex problem.

Kids will be working on multiple age appropriate Robotics educational kits like LEGO WeDo,  LEGO EV3 Mindstorms,  Arduino

Building Lego models is plain fun. Lego’s intuitive block-based components have inspired many innovations in today’s world. WeDo and EV3 education sets by Lego extend  the intuitive toolset to the programming environment. These kits build on the natural curiosity to create, explore, and investigate the STEAM concepts through creative play. Lego kits are making interactive, creative learning easier than ever to achieve.

Kids will be building new model in every class.  They will, 

  • Learn the structural and mechanical components, sensors needed to build robotic models.

  • Start by building simple models. With practice, gain expertise to build complex models.

  • Instruct the robots to complete missions. These instructions help structured thinking and is a step towards learning to program

Arduino educational kit is used to teach basics of electronics and software interfacing. Arduino kits make it easy for amateurs and enthusiasts to build effective IOT Edge devices. Kids will get introduced to one component/sensor at a time and explore  its capabilities. After which they will be working on ways of combining multiple components to build projects. In the advanced courses, they will learn about protocols and structures required to solve more complex problems.​

We will stitch all the required concepts into a coherent picture. The skills will be taught in structured courses where kids incrementally learn these concepts.

By the end of these offerings kids should have the skills to design systems to solve problems they are passionate about. Use technology and combine the concepts they have learnt across the courses to build prototypes and get started.